How important is it for you to be a volunteer?

Why not you?

Make the difference in someone's life today!!

Are you looking to make a difference and give back to your community? We have a wide range of positions that need to be filled that fit everyone's needs and schedules!

With the ever changing demands of the 21st century not everyone can find the extra time to help. We understand this and rely on flexible scheduling and technology to fill the need and allow you to make the difference. Our flexible positions allow you the opportunity to contribute from your home, campus, library, office or where ever you have the internet.

  • Skype in for meetings
  • EXTREME Couponing!!
  • Email/mailing campaigns
  • Research current news articles
  • Build community resources and business partners
  • Blogging about current issues and upcoming events
  • Build a social media presence doing what you already love to do (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.)

Looking to make more of a hands on difference? We offer other both simple and challenging roles depending on what your interests are. Fundraising campaigns vary greatly choose what interests you most!!

  • Raffles
  • Bake sales
  • Car washes 
  • Storefront donation tables
  • Concerts 
  • Auctions
  • Art Galleries
  • And much more!!

Looking to build leadership experience? We offer leadership positions in which you can run your own volunteer crew and gain invaluable experience!! Email us for further details.

Looking to fill college credit requirements? We offer internship positions ranging in commitment, dedication and involvement. As simple as building a social media presence and collecting table donations or as challenging as leading your own crew and fundraising campaigns and everything in between!!

For more information contact us: 

James LauRae: