Jennifer Delia

Last Updated: 7/30/2015

Class Standing: Junior    

Amount Needed:  $4,200

Jennifer is a single mother of a developmentally disabled son studying law at Edmonds Community College. After suffering a back injury and subsequent job loss, Jennifer found herself and her son, Corban, living in a shelter. After some assistance from Homes for Students, she and Corban were moved into YWCA sponsored housing. Jennifer is now working two part-time jobs, supporting herself, her son, and her younger sister while attempting to finish her education.

In addition to studying law, Jennifer has been an active member of Edmonds CC student government. As Executive Officer for Diversity she actively participates in the EdCC Annual Native American Powwow and founded the Edmonds CC Lactation Room Pilot Program for mothers’ breastfeeding needs.

Jennifer has goals of becoming a lawyer in the public sector to help others and end the cycle of poverty. However, her current hardships leave her financially unstable and unsure of her education and her son’s future.

Jennifer is struggling to finish her education at Edmonds CC and needs your help!



Waania Mirza

Last updated 7-30-2015

Class Standing Junior

Amount needed 15,000

I'm Nia an international student with a huge dream in the USA. I haven't come from an affluent family but all my life I struggled with a belief that I could study in a great institution and make myself worth enough to give my wonderful family of parents, one sister and two brothers the great life that they deserve, and to contribute to help my nation come out of the economic downturn. Last summer, my father lost his job and everything came falling down on me as the eldest sibling. When it was time for me to apply to colleges, I had to give up and work two jobs. After the gap year, this NYU acceptance letter with scholarship brought me back to life. It looked like a testament of my hard-work and faith in God and I really think I make it and graduate with a degree in international economics. Even though my father cannot afford the full amount, something tells me deep inside that I can make it.

My father got a job in UAE and we're in a recovery process. The sad part is that, after exhausting all his resources he can only afford 15000 usd. I am not allowed to work off-campus at NYU D.C. for the first year so it is very unlikely that I can do something on my own 

I am also a nationally recognized student activist, fighting for rising tuition hikes. You can google Nia petition to find out about me. I am also an elected member of NYU Labor Action Movement and a long-term volunteer of Aga Khan Development Network with 400+ hours of already-completed service. I want to bring about many changes in the world after my education and I really hope someone finds the credibility in my dreams and adopts me for my aspirations if not for my own self.

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