Jennifer Delia

Last Updated: 8-12-2015

Class Standing: Junior    

Amount Needed:  $4,200

Jennifer is a single mother of a developmentally disabled son studying law at Edmonds Community College. After suffering a back injury and subsequent job loss, Jennifer found herself and her son, Corban, living in a shelter. After some assistance from Homes for Students, she and Corban were moved into YWCA sponsored housing. Jennifer is now working two part-time jobs, supporting herself, her son, and her younger sister while attempting to finish her education.

In addition to studying law, Jennifer has been an active member of Edmonds CC student government. As Executive Officer for Diversity she actively participates in the EdCC Annual Native American Powwow and founded the Edmonds CC Lactation Room Pilot Program for mothers’ breastfeeding needs.

Jennifer has goals of becoming a lawyer in the public sector to help others and end the cycle of poverty. However, her current hardships leave her financially unstable and unsure of her education and her son’s future.

Jennifer is struggling to finish her education at Edmonds CC and needs your help!



Lea Rosine Sanon

Last Updated: 8-12-2015

Class Standing: Sophomore

Amount Needed: 2,500


My name is Lea Rosine Sanon. I am originally from Burkina Faso located in West Africa and came to the United States  in August 2010  to live with my mother who has been living here for about 10 years now and my 8 years old step sister who was born here. When I came here the school system said it would be better for me to go back in high school and so my mom said I should go even though I had finished high school in Burkina Faso before getting here.  I then went to Montgomery Blair High School and was a freshman at 17 years old.  It was hard at first,  living in a new country,  learning a new language, and actually living with my mom for the first time since she wasn't around when I was growing up.  I tested out of ESOL  as a junior and started taking regular English. I took AP courses and graduated on June 10 2014 and went to Montgomery College where I am currently enrolled. It's especially hard because I am the first person in my entire family history to  make it to college. My mom who I recently tutored to help her get her GED works as a nanny and barely make enough for the 3 of us. Since I started college, I have been working every job I could to make ends meet. I got my first job couple of months after I got here and have been supporting myself since then until late on December 1, 2014, as I was walking home from tutoring, a car ran into me as I was on the crosswalk. Since the accident, I was no longer able to back to my job at the restaurant is worked at because I injured my back and my knee. I have been in pain since and missed some time in school.please let me know if you need anything else.



Ivy Kuley

Last updated 8-16-2015

Class Standing Junior

Amount Needed  4,000

My name is Ivy and I am currently working towards becoming someone great in life. I live in America with my birth mother’s sisters. I moved here when I was 8 years old. My mother’s sister took me and cared for me as a daughter along with her other three children.. She committed suicide in January of this year and this has been extremely hard time for myself and my entire family. I have no one to cosign private loans for me, so my situation is even more stressful. I went to college after working hard throughout my educational career and was accepted to Clarkson University. I was reaching for the stars and majored in biology hoping to go to med school. I learned earlier on that I was not prepared from my previous schooling and pushed myself to graduate with a 2.7.I knew this would not get me into medical school. I took class at other community colleges to improve my grades, which I worked and paid for. My first degree I received  grants and was in a program called HEOP (Higher Education Opportunity Program) that allowed me to not worry about money. This was a huge blessing and I never really understood that until I was out of college and trying to go back into school. I am now applying to nursing school I got accepted last year but I could not start due to the fact that I could not pay the full tuition. I was denied all the private loans due to credit score being too low. I live and work to pay my undergraduate loans and have a credit that is 2000 dollars that I max to the full just trying to make ends meet. I look all day long online for different resources to help me including scholarships contest and essays. I wish I did something like nursing my first time around. It is really hard to want so much for yourself and have finances be the reason why you feel stuck. It is really had for me to do the backbreaking job I have as a nursing assistant and pay for school without my grades suffering. Any help from anyone would go such a long way for me. Please help me if you can in anyway possible. God bless you for taking the time to listen.


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