The Homes for Students' Adopt-a-Student Program aims to match financially challenged, at-risk and homeless students with donors who are interested in helping these disadvantaged students attend their institution and achieve their academic dreams. Adopt-a-Student allows us the ability to make a big difference in individual students’ lives with minimal company resources invested. With minimal overhead, Adopt-A-Student gifts, dollar-for-dollar, have a greater direct impact on a student’s life than most any scholarship program today.

After students apply for “adoption” they are listed for donors to search. Upon being selected for “adoption” the student is notified and the donor will be given progress reports during the academic year. Donors feel the direct impact their gift has when directed to a specific student, knowing that it could be the life line that made the difference in completing their education and achieving their career aspirations.

Homes for Students' Adopt-a-Student program is unique in that it is aimed at assisting students across the entire nation; with more than 58,000 homeless students. Selection is based both on character and financial need. Students must adhere to their institution’s code of conduct and maintain satisfactory academic progress. Additionally, students must demonstrate financial need by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and must have an especially low EFC (expected family contribution) or other extenuating circumstances. These students have done what they can to attend their institutions and have come up short, but you can help.

Students receive a number of benefits in addition to your financial support. (1) Personalized assistance that students would not normally receive from overarching plans that are not personalized. This allows students to receive the most useful assistance possible and increases the likelihood of academic success. (2) Build a personal connection between student adoptee and donors facilitating lasting social and community support. (3) Provides a sense of accountability to the student fostering increased motivation and academic success. (4) This program allows us to target the interests of donors with student adoptees such as a Medical doctor wanting to help prospective medical school students. This can also lead to the added benefit of Adopters becoming mentors to their student adoptees.

Donors also have the opportunity to become further involved in their students academics progress by having (1) opportunities to meet with their student; (2) invitations to conferences and events the student may be involved in; (3) progress reports and photos of their student mailed after each semester by our agency; (4) correspondence from their student.

"Adopt-A-Student gifts, dollar-for-dollar, have a greater direct impact on a student’s life than most any scholarship program today."


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